ICT Week was amazing! We've never had so many children immersed in so much technology.

Year 6 shot and edited their own films, Year 5 built robots, Year 4 did stop motion animation, Year 3 progammed their own games, Year 2 made comic books and Year 1 used the green screen. Not to mention Nursery and Reception having a dance competition using their Nintendo Wii's.

To make things even more incredible we liveblogged the whole thing using Twitter, so you visitors to our site were always up to date.

ICT Week Liveblog

We have to say a special thank you to Mr Langridge who put in so much effort to make the whole week possible.

What was your favourite thing about ICT Week? We'd love to know. Leave your comments bellow...


Bella Hassan - I love the green screen

Tahmid - It was cool

Kads - I loved making the robots!!!

Shahriyar Ahmed - I really liked ict week! And the smirf it song! Thanks Mr Langridge!

Farhana Aktar - Its been great week,especially when me and my friends worked with a visitor,Sarah!! Thank you Mr Langridge!!

Maria Darnal - I really enjoyed filming our memories at CJ. It was also fun editing our films with Mr Perry. It was fun working in my group. We all had a great time.

Kadija begum - i found everything exiting nd i thank all the teachers for an amazing week

Nabilah Begum - i thought that the robot workshop was so good and i thank steve a lot because he made my day i think that my class also enjoyed it and i cant wait 2 see what we do next this week :D

Date: 25/06/12 Year: 5AFI