Health and Relationships Education

Throughout their time at Cyril Jackson, pupils are made aware of the importance of personal development – covering a wide range of issues. The purpose of our Health and Relationships Education curriculum is to give children the building blocks to being successful members of society and to support the embedding of their own principles and morals into their actions and words. Our Health and Relationships Education curriculum will also enable children to be able to share their worries and concerns about their physical and mental health through using accurate vocabulary.

Many topics will be covered in curriculum planning, at the appropriate age and level, including relationships, personal hygiene, drug education, community cohesion and keeping themselves safe in a variety of contexts. The subject of conflict resolution while explicitly taught in lessons may also be undertaken using outside support. Parent and carer are kept informed of issues being addressed and are invited to be involved.

During their time at Cyril Jackson, children are given the opportunity to earn the scientific names of body parts (in Key Stage 1) and the changes that can happen during puberty (from Year 4).

From Year 4, this is presented in single sex groups. Children are still taught the same content, but through teaching in single sex-classes, children are encouraged to ask questions and teachers can address any misconceptions. Children’s questions are answered in an open, sensitive and honest manner in order to avoid confusion and anxiety. Questions that cover information outside of the curriculum are discussed with parents and carers, so that they can support children at home. The Health and Relationships Education curriculum is statutory. This means that there is no right to withdraw children from lessons. However, in Year 6, children are given the opportunity to learn about how babies are made. This lesson is non-statutory, which means that parents have the right to withdraw their child from the lesson.

Parents and Carers are invited to meet with teachers and view the teaching materials used prior to the commencement of the topic.

Parent Meetings