Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

SEND Vision

At Cyril Jackson, we strongly believe in the importance of inclusion for all pupils. This belief is at the heart of our SEND practice and drives our ambition to ensure our pupils reach their full potential. Our creative and challenging curriculum is carefully designed to ensure all pupils, irrespective of their needs, thrive and succeed. Pupils with SEND will have the same opportunities to take part in enriching experiences, both in school and in the wider world, as their peers.

We are committed to a whole-school approach towards providing an inclusive curriculum. Therefore, we ensure that our staff are well equipped with the knowledge and skills required to effectively support all pupils. Quality First Teaching is embedded within the practice of all staff, underpinned by extensive subject knowledge across the curriculum. Subject leaders plan a highly differentiated curriculum which facilitates access for all children, thinking carefully about the needs of all pupils.

For pupils requiring additional support, small-group interventions are led by experienced TAs; these interventions are closely monitored and their impact is evaluated regularly. Where pupils require personalised provision, we draw on specialist knowledge in order to tailor their learning experiences so that they are given every opportunity to progress and succeed.

Collaboration is central to our SEND policy; we work alongside external professionals for advice and additional support. Most importantly, we value and listen to parents and carers by ensuring that they are involved in key decisions and when reviewing targets.

Children and staff outside, wearing blue jackets and walking away from the camera

There are times when some children need additional support during their school life. Through our special needs programme, and with assistance from parents/carers, outside agencies and local special schools, we endeavour to identify promptly a child’s particular needs, so that individual programmes can be provided when appropriate.

Cyril Jackson has been designated as a school specialising in meeting Speech and Language needs. We have 20 identified children who travel from across the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to work in classes across the whole age range and receive additional help from speech therapists. This is of huge benefit to the school as a whole because it helps the development of every child by providing a greater understanding of language.

We ensure that problems are identified as early as possible - the earlier action is taken the more quickly support can be given. If a child has been identified as having a special educational need, they will have full access to the National Curriculum. Partnership work with parents/carers is crucial in this process. The school endeavours to make all adjustments to ensure every pupil has access to all aspects of school life.

Language Resource Provision

The Language Resource Provision (LRP) is a specialist provision within a mainstream primary school. Children may be able to get extra help here if they are experiencing significant difficulties and/or understanding or using spoken language.

SEND Report

The Local Offer

All Tower Hamlets schools are committed to adopting a comprehensive approach to meeting the needs of all pupils including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). You can find out more in our Local Offer, which is available to download:

The Local Offer

You can find out more about support and service providers in the borough on the Tower Hamlets Local Offer site.

Accessibility Policy

Our Accessibility Policy outlines ways that we plan to improve the school for all pupils. We set reasonable timescales on these changes and monitor their progress.

Accessibility Policy

Contact Information

To contact our SEND Leads, Mark Wiltshire and Maryum Qureshi, please use the following details:

Telephone: 020 7987 3737