CJ Curriculum

Curriculum Vision

At Cyril Jackson Primary School our exceptional curriculum is ambitious; we hold high expectations for all our pupils and learning is sequenced to ensure they leave our school fully prepared for the opportunities and challenges they may face in their future and in all that they aspire to do. We foster a ‘love of learning’ where pupils mature into enthusiastic, resilient learners.

Our broad and balanced curriculum is carefully planned to enable progression in key knowledge and subject specific skills from Early Years all the way through to Year 6. Content is sequenced to ensure that component knowledge leads to conceptual understanding; pupils are encouraged to make connections across year groups and subjects, therefore enabling them to think more deeply and interrogate subject matter. Key themes and enquiry questions are embedded throughout subjects to allow pupils to make meaningful links between current learning and that which came before. By spacing the content of our curriculum in this way, we provide pupils with regular opportunities to retrieve and recall prior learning and thus commit learning to their long-term memory.

At Cyril Jackson our curriculum goes far beyond the National Curriculum; we have thoughtfully designed units of work to ensure they are relevant to our pupils and are responsive to what is going on in the world. Our curriculum design is evidence based and informed by research to ensure all pupils are challenged. It is structured to empower pupils and enable them to make autonomous decisions that affect change. Pupils are motivated to understand the world around them; learning is rooted in a wider sense of citizenship and the environment. Curriculum design for us is a continuous dynamic process whereby assessment informs the design of our future learning. The curriculum is constantly evolving as it is adapted and personalised for pupils - it is crucial to us that our curriculum offer is equitable for all.  

The Cyril Jackson curriculum encompasses academic learning from the classroom, but also incorporates our high expectations of them as respectful individuals and how they should become kind and curious people outside of school. Our school values are embedded in every subject to ensure all pupils leave Cyril Jackson as passionate individuals with high aspirations for themselves and those around them.

Curriculum Overviews

These documents show details of the topics you can expect your child to cover in each year at Cyril Jackson.

Curriculum Progression

The purpose of these documents is to support staff with having an expert knowledge of curriculum progression in every subject throughout a pupil's journey at Cyril Jackson Primary School. 

Each subject-specific progression document enables the viewer to see 'what comes before and what comes next' in each area of learning and can be used as a benchmark to indicate the prior knowledge or pupils when commencing new topics or year groups. In addition, each document supports staff with assessing children's depth of knowledge at the end of each unit.

All subjects demonstrate our intent and elements of implementation.