Enrichment vision

At Cyril Jackson we believe that all pupils have a right to an enriched curriculum. We achieve this by embedding a set of common experiences throughout their journey from EYFS to Year 6. Pupils collect memories from across the Key Stages so that they can draw on the skills and knowledge to develop their understanding throughout their education. These experiences raise the aspirations of our pupils and develop their cultural capital, enabling them to become well-rounded citizens in the wider community.

Offer for all

  • Trips/ Workshops: from EYFS – Year 6, giving pupils hands on experiential learning and bringing the curriculum to life through awe and wonder. 
  • After school clubs: from EYFS – Year 6, enabling pupils to develop a range of hobbies and life-long skills.
  • Specialist teachers: From EYFS – Year 6, developing pupil knowledge and skills through strong subject pedagogy. Internal practitioners for Music and Art with external providers such as Sadler’s Wells for dance.
  • Pupil passports: from EYFS – Year 6, encouraging pupils to continue their learning experiences at home. 
  • Enrichment assemblies promoting pupil passports and wider experiences. 
  • Year 6 residential

For those pupils with particular passions and for those who the school identifies as needing additional support, pupils are targeted with extra experiences to ensure that the gap between the disadvantaged children and their peers is closed. Inspiring moments are used to enthuse and develop interests to ensure that all children have access to extra-curricular experiences both inside and outside of school time.

Additional offer for disadvantaged pupils

  • Additional trips/ workshops: from EYFS – Year 6, offering pupils a wide range of experiences.
  • Free after school clubs: EYFS – Year 6, enabling pupils to develop a range of hobbies and life-long skills.
  • Partnerships with external providers: EYFS – Year 6, ensuring pupils develop skills over time and see how they are embedded within the wider community.

Enrichment Activities and Trips