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We've uploaded some of our brilliant ICT Week highlights to the website, take a look -

2012-06-29 15:44:42 by CJ_ICT

We're busy uploading all of the brilliant stuff from ICT Week to the website. You'll be able to see it soon...

2012-06-29 13:43:58 by CJ_ICT

The amazing overall winning picture from our photo competition. Congratulations to everyone who took part.

2012-06-29 10:34:40 by CJ_ICT

Fronter competition winners: Samy, Faiyaz and Ilayda. Fabulous pages!

2012-06-29 10:13:06 by CJ_Year4

ICT photography competition winners are: Amy in year 3, Eva, Shaporan, Hamza in year 5 and Lauryn, Maria and Tahsin in Year 6. Congrats!

2012-06-29 10:08:07 by CJ_Year4

Our ICT Week assembly. It's time to show off all of the amazing things we've done this week.

2012-06-29 10:03:42 by CJ_ICT

Year 1 & 2 winners of the design a robot competition is Annahita & Kamil, Mahfuza & Amira. Well done!

2012-06-29 10:03:08 by CJ_Year4

Year 5 robots on the big screen in ICT Week assembly!

2012-06-29 09:55:51 by CJ_Year5

Years 1-6 are enjoying finding out what the whole school have been up to during this week for ICT week!

2012-06-29 09:47:53 by CJ_Year4

I'm in the ICT week assembly and Mr Lesch is showing us a robot!

2012-06-29 09:41:34 by CJ_Year4

ICT celebration assembly.... Amazing!

2012-06-29 09:40:34 by CJ_Head

Year two really enjoyed using the #ipads in guided reading today

2012-06-28 15:40:41 by CJ_Year2

Year 6 are busy editing their Cyril Jackson films. But whose will be good enough to be shown in assembly?

2012-06-28 11:21:02 by CJ_ICT

Some amazing characters coming from year 4 today!

2012-06-28 10:04:54 by CJ_Year4

Another day of stop motion animation in year 4

2012-06-28 10:04:12 by CJ_Year4

Cbeebies 'Nina and the Neurons' roadshow in school today! Reception and Year 1, don't forget your consent forms.

2012-06-28 05:46:28 by CJ_Head

Day 4 of ICT week... What amazing ICT projects will be happening today?

2012-06-28 05:43:32 by CJ_Head

We have had lots of fun playing on the wii, trying out all the different dance moves.

2012-06-27 15:42:08 by CJ_Reception

Miss Milligan's class have been practising the official #Olympics song 'proud' by Heather Small. They sound fantastic!

2012-06-27 15:10:34 by CJ_Year2

Reception teachers enjoying the wii a bit too much while the children eat lunch!

2012-06-27 13:11:22 by CJ_Reception