Year 6 Residential 2023 - Magdalen Farm

Another fantastic trip to Magdalen Farm in Chard, Somerset for Year 6! We eagerly set out on our annual residential, ready to explore the wonders of the 132 acres of farm, fields, gardens, and orchards. Our arrival was met with the usual friendly faces of the resident goats, pigs, cows and chickens. 

This year brought an exciting mix of activities – from crafting cozy shelters to lighting up our own fires, pitching in with farm chores, and even embarking on a fossil hunt along the breezy Jurassic Coast.

With every day filled with laughter, learning, and friendships, this trip to Magdalen Farm is more than just an adventure; it's an exciting chapter in our school journey with many new memories and skills learnt! Thank you to the team at Magdalen for another unforgettable residential. 


Enzo - Good Times.

Aliza - zaara why r u nvm it was really fun and i wish i could go again

Rimi - That was the best time of my life.If i got ever got the chance to go again i would.This is a once in a life time.

someone - i loved it sm there i will miss the residental it was so fun if u get the chance to go u should take it bc u get to make tne best memories

Enzo - These 5 days were amazing and the best days of my life i cant belive we are a school that goes to residentials but i feel bad for schools that dont go

zaara - nice

Enzo - How the video ended THE RESIDENTIAL WAS THE GOAT!!!

Zaara - Sarah the room was so scary with her sleep walking and rmber when we were telling ghost stories and someone got scared lol but why is the vid so short bc they recorded sm but only some of it got put up it was like an hour worth of video for example mr chive’s recorded sm of the treasure hunt that we lost

zaara - amazing time we had and omg the boys were screaming at us because they thought we ding dong ditched them also they were screaming at 6 am in the morning but ok it was so fun and one of the best trips i have been on and it went very quick and how comes theres no video of the hunt omg that was so tiring thooooooooooooo i shared a bed with some one bc they were so scared of the stories we were saying lol but uh i loved it and i will want to re live it again

zaara - omg it was so fun especially and tauseefur you knew everyone there tbh i wanna redo it bc it was actually fun compared to what they told me last year. Omg i got closer to all my friends and one of them literally sleep walked and every one jumped to my bed which was so sad

Sarah H - I loved everything in the residential! I even made some new friends! I wished we could stay a little longer! Those were the best 5 days of my life! Thank you Cyril Jackson and Magdalen farm for this wonderful experience!


Tauseefur - I will miss the residential forever, and it was so much fun. I really recommend it. I will never forget when I stayed with my friends for 5 days. I never knew the people I slept with, but now I get to know them more.

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