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saida y2 - GREAT, I was the star

Alvira - It was a bit embarrassing when l had to carry a doll in the play

Alvira - Eiliyah and Raiqah Good dancing

Afia Khatun - I was very interested of the angels

Alvira - I was Mary and Maryam was jofserf

rose - I liked the camels they were funny

Yr 5 Student - Naila you were really funny and u made me laugh all the way


Yr 5 Student - The play was amazing especially hilarious! I had tears in my eyes I started to cry because it reminded me of old times in KS1 and it was so funny!!!
This was the my No.1 fav Christmas show on the CJ website!!!!! Peace out!

Adib Zawad (Adib) - I was the donkey in the play. It was embarrassing when I had to stand up and do some funny actions. Weird! But I enjoyed the show and acting anyway. I hope everyone enjoyed the performance!

Raiqah - I was an innkeeper in the performance

hana - I'm an angel !

Adib's mum - What a fantastic performance!

Raiqah - Good performing

Linda mum of Jack - What a wonderful concert. Everyone was fantastic.

Alvira - WOW! Great performaning