KS2: Children of the World

Six angels were chosen to find out how different cultures around the world celebrate Christmas.


Nathaniel - It was AMAIZING!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm in the Christmas play!!!!!!!!!

Saoda tasnim chowdhury - Awesome play !!! I remember this Christmas play PS I was the girl in the pink cap I was a american child !!!

Tanvir. A - Wow, feels so long ago when we did a very similar play back in Year 5. Very faint memories since I'm at uni now lol, nostalgia or what. Anyhoo, well done, awesome work guys!!

Ayaan - I liked the Christmas play. It was fantastic. It was fun.

She Who Shall Remain Nameless - It was awesome when we were doing the play. I wasn't in it, but I was in the choir

Lamiha - Aw we did the same play way back in yr 2 it was lovely u guys rocked it 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻😊😊😭😭
Ps I'm a old student left this year 😭

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