More Year 6 fun at Fairplay!

2015-09-09 11:46:19 by cyriljacksonsch

More Year 6 fun at Fairplay!

2015-09-09 11:46:07 by cyriljacksonsch

More Year 6 fun at Fairplay!

2015-09-09 11:45:52 by cyriljacksonsch

Year 6 Residential: Noal and Katie picking apples for our lunch... Yum yum

2015-09-09 10:24:00 by cyriljacksonsch

More Year 6 fun at Fairplay!

2015-09-09 10:23:16 by cyriljacksonsch

More Year 6 fun at Fairplay!

2015-09-09 10:22:09 by cyriljacksonsch

More Year 6 fun at Fairplay!

2015-09-09 10:21:18 by cyriljacksonsch

Brave children on the high swing.

2015-09-08 22:08:23 by CJ_Head

And one child comes out!

2015-09-08 22:07:46 by CJ_Head

Well done Mr Backett!

2015-09-08 20:11:24 by CJ_Head

Will Mr Backett get the fire going?

2015-09-08 20:01:26 by CJ_Head

I have the best job in the world with the most amazing staff and children.

2015-09-08 19:50:34 by CJ_Head

Fairplay house in the evening, beautiful!

2015-09-08 19:44:32 by CJ_Head

Wow! Every child will be swinging on the giant swing...

2015-09-08 19:37:54 by CJ_Head

Can you see how small the entrance is?

2015-09-08 19:34:33 by CJ_Head

I wouldn't have done this!

2015-09-08 19:29:50 by CJ_Head

Caving was brilliant!

2015-09-08 19:28:47 by CJ_Head

Spaghetti bol, garlic bread and fudge cake...yum!

2015-09-08 18:43:23 by CJ_Head

Football before dinner.

2015-09-08 17:37:11 by CJ_Head

We all want to stay here!

2015-09-08 16:56:22 by CJ_Head


Zehad - Best trip ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahirah - I loved Fairplay House so much! It was amazing

iqra ggs yr7 - Wow you guys looked like you had a great time

Nurrani - It was sooo amazing loved every min and it was a great experience for all of us !!!!

iqbal - I had a great time with year 6

Taifah - I LOVED IT!!! It Was A-MAZ-ING!

Afruza (ahirah\'s mum) - Wow looks like you all are enjoying yourselves! Looks really fun.

Ornela - Fairplay Hose was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! The Giant Swing was terrifying but everyone loved it so much. The next year 6 will love it. We had a fantastic time but now we are all back at school. :( :( :(

HASSANA - It looks like they are having so much fun WOW!!!!!!!

goddy - It was very fun, I can see that

Anahita - This trip was awesome ... love it !!!!

Maraym hamza - This looks awesome

Mahnaz - Fairplay house was AMAZING!!!! The activities were very safe and fun.

Mr Higgins - Mrs Higgins was having so much fun I thought she would never come home!

Shahina (yassir ) - Looks great, soo much fun, Yassir enjoyed it he loved the giant swing.
Thank you for taking good care of them

ahmed - Oh wow!!! They're having more fun.

Tawseef - Last year we went to Fairplay house, it was amazing!

Salma - Lovely pictures, love their smiles and excitement on their face!! I bet they don\'t want to come back today, can\'t wait to see my daughter!

Ruksana (Deen\'s mum) - OMG having so much fun.

Ruth - Looks like you're all having a fantastic time!! See you all tomorrow

Ahmed - Looks like they\'re enjoying themselves, hopefully we\'ll see you tomorrow! Have fun!!