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Book a Tour in action from Nursery to Year 6.Attendance to school tours is only via online registration so please book now.We kindly request that attendees arrive promptly at their allocated slot so that the school can manage the event to everyone’s convenience.Please be aware that places are allocated on...

Transferring to Secondary School

... Hamlets and your child is in Year 6 (born between 1 September 20010 and 31 August 2011) you will need to make an online application via eadmissions portal for them to transfer to secondary school in September 2022.The closing date for making applications is 31 October 2021....

About the School

... for children from Nursery to Year 6, with twenty of these places being given over to a borough-wide Language Resource Provision (LRP) for children with language disorders and associated learning difficulties.The school is on a split site (the two school sites are a short walk apart). There are two ...

Educational Visits

...ils leave Cyril Jackson at the end of Year 6, they will have visited the following places in London:......entre of the Cell Residential trip in Year 6Parental permissionEducational visits and trips are part...

Health and Relationships Education

...hildren from lessons. However, in Year 6, children are given the opportunity to learn about how babies are made. This lesson is non-statutory, which means that parents have the right to withdraw their child from the lesson.Parents and Carers are invited to meet with teachers and view the teaching ma...

Year 6

TeachersUseful Information

After School Club

...or children from Reception to Year 6. It runs every day, in school term-time, straight after school until 5.30pm in the North Building. We offer a wide programme of after school clubs which change on a termly basis.There are two sessions:Session One is between 3.30pm to 4.30pm when a variety of exci...


...ut their journey from EYFS to Year 6. Pupils collect memories from across the Key Stages so that the......Trips/ Workshops: from EYFS – Year 6, giving pupils hands on experiential learning and bringing th......After school clubs: from EYFS – Year 6, enabling pupils to develop a range of hobbies and life-lon...

School Meals and Healthy Eating

...nch for a whole week.Reception to Year 6From September 2014 all children in Tower Hamlets from Recep......n Tower Hamlets from Reception to Year 6 in a state-funded school will be offered a free healthy sch...

Year 6 Trip to the Thames Path

On Friday 3 September 2021, Year 6 (Cedar & Willow) will be going to The Thames Path as part of our enrichment passport activities.

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2nd September 2021

Year 6 - Autumn Newsletter 2021

Children will be exploring a text linked to Black History Month in the first half of the Autumn term. In the second half-term they will be reading and writing texts based on ancient Greek Myths.

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21st July 2021

Moving Up 2022 - Applying to Secondary School

Do you have a child in year 6? Come to one of our virtual workshops about the secondary transfer process - delivered through zoom by Parent Advice Centre Transition Officers and Pupil Services.

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8th September 2021

Year 6 Secondary School Transition Day - Cancelled

We are writing to inform you that the Year 6 Secondary School Transition Day on Friday 2 July 2021 has been cancelled.

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30th June 2021

Year 6 - Summer 1 Newsletter 2021

We will be continuing with Harry Potter, focusing on creating suspense in descriptive writing. Later, we will be building on our suspense writing skills when we innovate and write our own version of a horror story.

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26th March 2021

Special Message from Santa

...specially for them. Also to our Year 6’s who are currently at home, don’t worry he hasn’t forgotten you!Merry Christmas from everyone here at CJ....

Year 6 - Spring 1 Newsletter 2021

We will be focusing on writing mythical stories based on our book Odysseus. We will then be creating our own fantastic beasts based on Harry Potter and be writing non chronological reports.

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15th December 2020

Tower Hamlets Transition Support Service

The transition support service is provided by Tower Hamlets Family Information Advice and Support Service. We provide impartial advice, information and assistance to support children and their families during key points of transition.

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8th September 2021

Year 6 - Residential 7th-11th November - Cost information

We are very excited to be able to offer a residential trip to Magdalen Farm (Chard) for all current Year 5 children from Monday 7 November 2022 until Friday 11 November 2022. This is a one off incredible experience that your children will never forge

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18th January 2022

Year 6 - Residential 7th-11th November - Permission Letter

We are very excited to be able to offer a residential trip to Magdalen Farm (Chard) for all current Year 5 children from Monday 7 November 2022 until Friday 11 November 2022.

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18th January 2022

Year 6 - Residential 7th-11th November - Dietary Requirements

Whilst your child is on the residential, they will be provided with three hearty meals a day, at least two healthy snacks and have access to a fruit bowl. Because meals are provided by the farm, it is important we know if your child has specific diet

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18th January 2022

Covid-19 Case - Advice to Year 6 Parents

We have been advised by Public Health England (PHE) that there has a confirmed case of COVID-19 among Year 6.

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24th January 2022

Year 6 - Magdalen Farm Residential in November 2022

The residential visit will take place on 7 - 11 November 2022.

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24th February 2022

Visit to Felix Headquarters

Pupils from Year 4 to 6 visited Felix Headquarters. They looked at how the food charity help people in the local community

Careers Day

...shops to pupils from Year 1 - Year 6. We believe it is important to raise aspirations for our pupils whilst exposing them to a variety of occupational options....

Year 6 Trip to Bournemouth

South Western Railway gave us free train tickets from Waterloo to Bournemouth. Pupils experiences the beach for the first time and enjoyed swimming in the water

Year 6 Visit to Shadwell Fire Station

...emergency first aid scenarios....

School Food Matters Competition Winner!

...her winning design....

Year 6 - Sky Studios Visit

Pupils visited Sky Studios and wrote / directed their own news videos

Article in the Times - 8th November 2022

...nd classroom assistants is amazing. Year 6 were getting ready for a farm visit and I showed one little boy photos of my llamas. I shall never forget his anxious but inquiring little face.I draw three conclusions from the visit, doubtless obvious to educationalists but striking to me. First, small is...

Advice to All Parents - Covid-19 Single Case

We have been made aware of a member of our school community in Year 6 who has tested positive for COVID-19.

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14th December 2020

Cambridge Union Society Debate

A debating team of six children from years 5 & 6 visited Clare College, Cambridge. They spent the afternoon training in British Parliamentary Debating. The training was delivered by international members of the Cambridge Union Society. You can get more information about each image by clicking...

Year 6 Ice Skating

...of our Christmas celebrations Year 6 took to the ice at Westfield Startford for some festive fun....

Kingswood 2012 Liveblog they had!...

KS2: Children of the World

Six angels were chosen to find out how different cultures around the world celebrate Christmas

KS2: Silent Night Photos

Some photos of the stars of our Key Stage 2 Christmas performance

Maths Week 2012

... Year 6's Velodrome K'NEX ...... Year 6 Visit the Olympic Park...

Record Keeping and Reporting

...dren at the end of Year 2 and Year 6 (in the school years when your child will be 7 and 11 years of ......tion One (Nursery) through to Year 6 receives a written report in early July. The summer parents&rs...

SATs Advice

...nts with a child in Year 2 or Year 6 who will be taking national curriculum tests (SATs) in May 2016. The tests will provide information about to children the same age nationally.Useful leaflet for parentsThe following leaflet is published by the Standards & Testing Agency: Information for paren...

Homework and Personal Study

...lubs for pupils from Year 1 - Year 6. These are managed by experienced Teaching Assistants and are very popular with pupils and parents....

Year 6 Dance

...6 perform some dance routines....

Year 6 Drama and Dance - 'The Three Little Pigs'

...of a drama and dance workshop....

Year 6 Leavers

Goodbye and good luck to everyone leaving Cyril Jackson this year!

Year 6 Leavers Show

...e of their favourite memories....

Year 6 Leavers Show 2013

...ble, bubble, toil and trouble.......they may get even!Dr KalmeniusYear 6 take us inside Phillip Pullman's Clockwork.Ghost Approachin...

Year 6 Leavers Videos

The Good LifeVortex presents Memories

ICT Week 2012

...mersed in so much technology. Year 6 shot and edited their own films, Year 5 built robots, Year 4 did stop motion animation, Year 3 progammed their own games, Year 2 made comic books and Year 1 used the green screen. Not to mention Nursery and Reception having a dance competition using their Nintend...

KS2 Sports Day

KS2 headed to Mile End Park Stadium for their 2016 sports day

Book Week 2013

... about ambition.Storyteller - Year 6Year 6 met Jan Blake and she told them a story about a shape shi...... ambition.Storyteller - Year 6Year 6 met Jan Blake and she told them a story about a shape shifting ...

Black History Month 2012

...e eyes of a refugee child. Year 6 - I Have A Dream Year 6 wrote some of their own I Have A Drea...... Year 6 - I Have A Dream Year 6 wrote some of their own I Have A Dream speeches. Year 6 - Li......n I Have A Dream speeches. Year 6 - Life Aboard A Slave Ship Year 6 imagined what it must have ...

Year Groups

...lder OakYear 5 Juniper PineYear 6 Willow Cedar...

Science Week: Experiments

These are some of the experiments we've been conducting at Cyril Jackson during Science Week 2016

Year 6 Residential 2022 - Magdalen Farm

...on't be forgetting in a hurry!...