What is the Cyril Jackson speech and language base?

The Speech and Language Base is a specialist provision within a mainstream primary school. Children may be able to get extra help here if they are experiencing significant difficulties with speech and/or understanding or using spoken language.

Who goes to the base?

The base is for 20 children from three and a half to eleven years old. They come from all over Tower Hamlets and if they do not live near Cyril Jackson, then transport is provided by the Local Education Authority.

How are children referred there?

It is often a parent/carer who first notices their child’s speech is not progressing as they expected. The parent/carer then often contacts the Speech and Language Therapy Service for advice.

Sometimes a health visitor or another professional working with the child and the parent/carer may express concern. After discussion with the parent/carer the professional may contact the Speech and Language Therapy Service. If necessary the Speech and Language therapists will then contact the educational psychologist if she/he is not already involved.

If, after a while, the child continues to have significant difficulties, then the Education Authority will be asked to assess the child’s special educational needs.

A team of experts – the Special Educational Needs Panel – will consider the reports. The panel mat then recommend the child’s needs might be best met at the Cyril Jackson Speech and Language Base.

All children who come to the Base will either have had or be in the process of having, their special educational needs assessed. They all eventually have a statement of special educational needs. This is a legal document which protects the extra resources they need to help them do their best at school.

The views of the parent/carer are vital; you will be involved at every stage of the assessment.