"I'm making the penguin and shark go round and round" tweeted by Jassia.

2013-06-28 14:42:28 by CJ_Nursery

"I am building" tweeted by Nuradin and Max.

2013-06-28 14:39:48 by CJ_Nursery

"Playing" tweeted by Muhsinag

2013-06-28 14:38:27 by CJ_Nursery

Patting the mixture. Deen and Rezwan.

2013-06-28 12:41:56 by CJ_Year3

We are making rainforest fruit bars-Sophie 3DRE

2013-06-28 12:32:06 by CJ_Year3

"I do my volcano writing!"

2013-06-28 10:54:56 by CJ_Reception

I am making a card for miss cobb

2013-06-28 10:52:55 by CJ_Reception

"Mahin and Ishtiyak are playing on computer" tweeted by Mahin and Ishtiyak.

2013-06-28 10:49:37 by CJ_Nursery

"I'm taking my dog for a walk" tweeted by Alice.

2013-06-28 10:09:55 by CJ_Nursery

"Playing" tweeted by Emon.

2013-06-28 10:07:54 by CJ_Nursery

KS1 rounders! Great efforts with batting and balling

2013-06-27 14:45:25 by CJ_Year1

Year 1 are batting first! We scored 24 runs!

2013-06-27 14:30:08 by CJ_Year1

KS1 cricket

2013-06-27 14:24:34 by CJ_Year1

Year 1 vs Year 2 cricket tournament! Go KS1!

2013-06-27 14:18:38 by CJ_Year1

Maryam and Aniqa on the coach excited for the tournament!

2013-06-27 13:03:00 by CJ_Year4

Rebecca collecting the balls for the game!

2013-06-27 13:01:48 by CJ_Year4

Ridwans turn to bowl!

2013-06-27 13:01:09 by CJ_Year4

Aniqa ready to hit a 6!

2013-06-27 13:00:13 by CJ_Year4

Today we are playing Cluedo and we are having a lot of fun solving clues using walkie talkies!

2013-06-27 12:18:07 by CJ_Year3

We are skyping our friends for ICT week!

2013-06-27 10:52:23 by CJ_Reception