Read like a Roman.

2014-11-30 18:41:30 by CJ_Year3

Roman board games seem very similar to the some of the games we play today.

2014-11-30 18:40:42 by CJ_Year3

We got to dress like Roman Britains.

2014-11-30 18:39:40 by CJ_Year3

We learned all about mosaic tiles and how the mosaic images were made.

2014-11-30 18:38:17 by CJ_Year3

We had a great time at Oldbury Hill.

2014-11-30 15:47:53 by CJ_Year3

And we have reached the top! This once the site of many Celtic roundhouses.

2014-11-30 15:47:14 by CJ_Year3

Oh no! Some children are stuck in the mud!

2014-11-30 15:46:24 by CJ_Year3

Top of the ditch.

2014-11-30 15:45:21 by CJ_Year3

We eventually made it to Oldbury Hill to start our trek to the top of the hill fort.

2014-11-30 15:44:53 by CJ_Year3

We saw a bull, but this one was nothing like The Minotaur.

2014-11-30 15:43:38 by CJ_Year3

We're wading in the river.

2014-11-29 13:31:58 by CJ_Year3

What's down here?

2014-11-29 13:06:25 by CJ_Year3

Time to relax now I think.

2014-11-29 13:00:31 by CJ_Year3

"I'm on top of the world!"

2014-11-29 13:00:08 by CJ_Year3

We've found lots of flint!

2014-11-29 12:59:44 by CJ_Year3

Who's the king of the castle?

2014-11-29 12:59:15 by CJ_Year3

We're working off our lunches.

2014-11-29 12:58:50 by CJ_Year3

Lunchtime at the castle.

2014-11-29 12:58:24 by CJ_Year3


2014-11-29 12:57:27 by CJ_Year3

Lullingstone. #lullingstone

2014-11-29 10:13:24 by CJ_Year3