The school  celebrating the meteoric rise in attendance figures of our pupils on Thursday with every child’s dream - free ice cream! 

Only 3 years ago, we were traditionally towards the bottom of the league table out of all schools in Tower Hamlets.  But with hard work, determination and amazing support from children and parents, we now have the highest level of pupil attendance out of all schools in the borough. 

To celebrate, Gillian Kemp, Headteacher, gave each child a ‘golden ticket’ and arranged for ice cream vans to park in the playgrounds.  All 462 children could then redeem their ticket for the ice cream of their choice.

Mrs Kemp said:  ‘I am absolutely thrilled with this enormous achievement and it is testament to the commitment of our children and parents to their learning.  As a reward, we thought we would create every child’s dream by parking ice cream vans in the playgrounds and letting them have free choice.”