Who do you think will win?


Ayaan yr6 6LWI - France are kind of good

Habs - CJ Sports Coach - The winners of the Cyril Jackson Sweepstake 2016 are...........Reception, Miss Dennan\'s\' class who had Portugal. Well done!

Ridwan - Mate Wales Is Better Than All The Other Teams

AEN 2 - HUH! (CLAP) HUH! (CLAP) HUH! (CLAP) HUH! (CLAP)! this is our battle cry!!!! Yes, Iceland and AEN 2 can do it!
Can Iceland do a Leicester City? Well yes, yes they can, and they will!! GO ICELAND GO!!!

Tameem - Come on France, u can do it .

Naomi - I am backing Italy. Great games and I love Italian food! BUT can Iceland do a Leicester City?

Ayaan - Go Iceland! Go and win the prize!

AEN 2 - Once again the power, pride, passion and teamwork of \"Our Boys\" prove unstoppable. They
share those same strengths with the students of Cyril Jackson !!!!!! Join us in AEN2 !!!!!!!!
Support ICELAND with us. GO ICELAND GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayesha nursery blue - Go! Ukraine!

Aliyah - Go WALES Go😄😄😄!!!

AEN2 - \" Our Boys\" just keep on rocking!!! GO ICELAND GO !!!!!!!!!!

Jeff - Spain or Germany

AEN 2 - We believe in the skill and dedication of \"Our Boys\", Iceland! GO ICELAND GO!!!!!!!!!