Book Week 2014 has been a great success, take a look at some of the things that we've done.

Book Week 2014: The Trial of Goldilocks

Goldilocks stands accused of three crimes: trespass, theft and criminal damage. The prosecution and defence are ready to present their cases but what will the jury decide?

Book Week 2014: Persuasive Letter

One of the compeitions during Book Week 2014 was to write a persuasive letter. There were many excellent entries but who did Judge Pickels think had written the best one?

Book Week 2014: Breakfast Read

We were thrilled that so many parents were able to join us for our Book Week Breakfast Reads.

Book Week 2014: Year 3

Year 3 perform a very quick version of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Book Week 2014: Year 1

Year 1 use words and actions to tell us all about Jack and the Beanstalk.

Book Week 2014: Reception

Mummy bear, Daddy bear and Baby bear all went out for a walk while they waited for their porridge to cool. Little did they know who was waiting in the woods...

Book Week 2014: Reading Kidnap

As part of Book Week 2014 we asked parents to come and 'kidnap' their children for an hours reading time with them.