We love reading at Cyril Jackson so we held our Book Week to coincide with World Book Day, these are the highlights.

Book Week Assembly

We celebrated the end of our Book Week 2013 with an assembly with a very special guest and a quiz all about fairy tales. But who knew the most?

Book Week Costumes

At the end of Book Week we asked everyone to dress up as their favourite literary character.

Secret Boy's Reading Club

Sshh! The secret boys reading club has been sneakily meeting up to read. They broke their cover to tell us all about it!

Book Film Club

Some children from Book Film Club told us about Hugo. They acted out a small portion of the book and then we watched the scene from the film.

Storyteller - Year 5

Year 5 met Jan Blake and she told them a story about ambition.

Storyteller - Year 6

Year 6 met Jan Blake and she told them a story about a shape shifting leopard!

Breakfast Read

We invited parents to come and have breakfast with us while they shared a book with their children.

Reading Kidnap

Our wonderful parents came to 'kidnap' their children! They took them to the halls, which we'd transformed into vast libraries, for an afternoon of reading.

Tell us what you enjoyed most about Book Week 2013...


tasnim A - i really liked the breakfast read

mahnaz murshed - i really liked the book week asembley

sara uddin yr 5 - I really liked the storyteller.