A day in the life of a pupil at Cyril Jackson


Joman - I will miss every thing

faiha - im still salty i didn’t get recorded in this vid cuz the camera crew ignored me smh. ngl time goes quickly, im in yr8 now lmao 😧

Amani - Omg i can’t believe our time at CJ is over..i miss everyone i do like secondary but like id rather be in primary.If only we could go back in time and redo primary.I made lots of new friends in secondary and the teachers are actually nice.People always say secondary teachers are very strict but thats not really true anyway bye…….

Sarah A. - I really miss this because as this was my lifetime primary, secondary feels weird:)


Rehan (remember me?) - As an ex-pupil, I became sad by the fact I just left CJ for secondary but I have made so many memories in this school and I felt so welcome in this school as all the teachers were so kind and helpful and I’ve made so many friends in my class (Willow) and the other Y6 class (Cedar). I’ve been in many school trips and had lots of fun too! I’ve made a friend group and played with them often and at the last day, I was in tears! I didn’t want to even leave! But Now in SPW (my secondary) also made me feel welcome but I will always remember my time at CJ ❤️🫡.

Zaara - This school is amazing I cant belive I’m going to my last year of school soon! I will miss everyone and I miss miss Dover and miss Ayse and miss begum the most 🫶🏽😭🫶🏽

manha - I love this school

Iqra - Wow

Mrs Flanagan - What a great film highlighting an amazing school! You are an inspiration.

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