The children are thrilled to see the final transformation of the caterpillars into beautiful butterflies.
CJ_Nursery, yesterday via Twitter

Mr Backett and the Year 5 team telling the most awful jokes! Make them stop... 😂
CJ_Head, 4 days ago via Twitter

Last of the red noses!
CJ_Head, 4 days ago via Twitter

The start of Red Nose Day 2017! Wear your red clothes and donate a £1.
CJ_Head, 4 days ago via Twitter

Lucy the Gecko was so friendly when she visited us yesterday! We learned all about her use of camouflage to match h…

5 days ago via Twitter

We think our chicks are soft and really cute. We are very gentle when we stroke them.
CJ_Nursery, 6 days ago via Twitter

Year 1 enjoyed holding a Corn Snake!
CJ_Year1, 6 days ago via Twitter

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